I got my drawing mojo back!

by Chelsey Zumpano

I’m super excited that I got my drawing mojo back! I haven’t drawn much sense Hazel was a small pup! I just haven’t had the motivation or creativity to draw. I use to paint or draw a lot; I took art all through out high school, I even took AP Art. I loved art and still do. Art isn’t a coping mechanism, (not like reading or writing is), I tend to draw or paint something of the opposite of how I’m feeling.

I love coming up with seens to paint. Sometimes I feel like I have to plan out what I’m making before I do it and try to just do little doodles. SOMETIMES I get so frustrated trying to get the image out of my head on to paper and that’s when I have to stop and come back to it later. I’m the hardest on myself when it comes to my creations.

Recently I’ve started using sharpies to draw because my vision has changed. I can still probaely still use pencil, but I can draw with more detail with sharpies. I want to experiment with different art tools and mmediums, So please if you have any recommendations, please let me know down in the comments.

Now here are some of my doodles!

Image description: doodles of a butterfly, two dogs, bunny, and cat.Image description: two people kissing under a pink waterfall with a pink dog off to the right.

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