How Accessible is Bark Box’s Website?

by Chelsey Zumpano

The other day I was just browsing Facebook and an add popped up for super Chewer Bark Box, so I checked out. They were having a sale because of #NationalDogDay and my first box would be 5 dollars. I jumped at the chance because this box would be perfect for Hazel.

I was able to claim my coupon, then I was able to choose Hazel’s sex, type her name, choose her breed, and her weight category. Next I was able to pick my subscription and i chose six months. I was able to check out with PayPal, which made checking out a lot easier because it just used all my PayPal info.

I even got to chat with a worker and he helped me personalize the box. I told him that Hazel loves to chew, play fetch and tug, but that I’d need some bright colored balls. I also told him about her separation anxiety and that I’m training her to hopefully be my service dog. The only thing about the chat that wasn’t accessible was that I couldn’t read what I typed until after I sent it.

I will let you know what Hazel thinks of her box when it gets here.

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