3 embarrassing things that have happened to me!

By Chelsey Zumpano

1. I ran into a pole, twice! The first time I was in seventh or eighth grade and I was running back to the classroom to where I did braille and slammed into a pole, but this was before I used my cane all the time. The second time was when I was a senior in high school and I was following some friends back to class after getting off the bus that we took to our preschool class, (which we got credit for because it was an early childhood education class), and i ran into a pole. That time I did have my cane, but there are somethings your cane can’t stop you from running into.

2. I went to the wrong English classroom senior year. (Now I’m sure this one everyone can relate to)! I was walking to class and it was later on in the year, so I should know my route to my class, but it was really sunny that day and I miss counted the doors.

3. I lost my bathing suit bottoms at the lake! Now this happened recently and it was the second time we took our boat out. If you want to see the first time we took our boat watch, (Vlog 49 taking our new boat out for the first time!). Me and my sister were being pulled behind a boat on a tube and the water was really rough that day, so we’re being bounced around a lot. All of a sudden I feel like my bottoms are falling off, I tried to pull myself up further on the tube, but it wasn’t working, then I decided to just fall because I thought I would be able to save them, but sadly no!

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