Expanding On Calming Signals!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Someone on Facebook asked me to explain more clearly how I use calming signals with my dogs and now I’m going to explain it to all of you!

First I started with Hazel by herself and the calming signal I used is yoning. It’s the easiest one to do for us humans.

So here’s what I did; when Hazel started to act anxious, I’d just yon at her and then she’d relax. I kept doing that all day and it worked! Hazel learned very fast! Calming signals are something puppies learn from their well socialized Mom and continue to learn from other well dogs.socialized That’s why socializing your dog is importain because they have to learn how to communicate with all different types of dogs. That’s why I worked with Hazel first and then Lucy. Also remember dogs can also use calming signals to calm their own self down and you can even use it to let your dog know you heard a noise, (like thunder), and that they are okay.

I wished I knew all this stuff when Ginger was a puppy, but the internet wasn’t as accessible to me as it is now and I was in fith grade. I didn’t really get into dog training books untel afew years ago. It would have been extreamly helpful! Lucy is learning slowly because she and Ginger wern’t as well socialized as they should have been. When I do the calming signals to Lucy and she’s barking or growl at Hazel; she’ll stop and do a soffter noise, then she’ll calm down.

I also use slow blinking, looking away and for this I move my head from side to side, licking my lips, and sighing, (which I realized Hazel does a lot). I will also include the link to the book, “On Talking Termswith Dogs,” and I will also have a link to my YouTube video on the first week of calming signals. (The video is not up as of 11/8/19 and one 50 PM. It’ll be up soon).

Let me know what things have helped your dogs have a better relationship in the comments!


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When Words Just Don’t Work!

by Chelsey Zumpano

I’m having one of those days when I can’t think of what to write and when I do find something to write it just isn’t sounding right! So I’m going to tell you some of the ways I get inspiration and what I do when those don’t work!

1 I look up writing promps

2 I ask my family for ideas

3 I write a blog expanding on a video of mine

4 read a book

5 watch a video

6 Listen to music

7 Step back completely and go for a walk

8 Write a post on writer’s block

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Some of My Dreams!

by Chelsey Zumpano

I’d love if I could accomplish atleast one of these dreams!

1 To have a big house in the country with a rap around porch. The house would be three stories and have lots of windows to let lots of natural light in. It will have enough rooms for my Mom and I to have a craft room, my sister to have a make up studio, and me a filming studio. A garage, shop, and dirt bike track for my Dad and brother. We’d have enough space for like 10 dogs and 20 cats: along with goats, horses, cows and chickens. We’d also have enough room for a garden and a second little house for family to stay.

2 To be a guide dog trainer! It’d be amazing to work with dogs every day and to know that the dogs would be helping others like me. I’d live in a small house with a big yard, so Hazel could run. Katniss and Audrey would live with me to and they’d have cat trees and high up places to hang out. Hazel would be a play mate to dogs on their off time and a good exaple on their work time. Hazel and I’d take a car pull van with all of our other coworkers to work. I’d get to help dogs and people every day.

3 A published author! I’d have multiple best saling books. I’d have interviews on all the coolist talk shows. I’d get to give people characters head’s to fall into when they don’t want to be in their own. I’d give people characters to look up to like all my favorite authors have given me.

4 Dog rescuer! I’d be surrounded by animals every day and get to take care of them. I’d take all the dogs out early in the morning to go run and go potty. Then I’d feed the cats and bottle feed any kits or pups that need it. Then I’d give any animals who need meds and make sure any wounded or special needs are payed attention to. Next I’d take the dogs for a walk and then do some training. Then I’d cuddle with any cats who wanted to cuddle; while the dogs napt. Then play and train the dogs again. It’d be an awesome life.

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Adopt A Senior Dog!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Image description: a Black and tan Chihuahua/Yorkey mix cuddling with a stuffed animal and laying on her back.(Picture credit goes to Chelsey Zumpano).

November is adopt a senior dog month, so I thought I’d talk about my Lucy. Although Lucy wasn’t adopted, but born into our family. Lucy is our 12 year old Chihuahua/Yorkey mix.

She loves to cudle under the blankits with me. She’ll be content to lay in bed on most days. She still loves to play with toys and get treats. She still barks at the door to let us know someones there. She still knows how to do some basic obedience. She loves to be with her people.

A lot of people will reject senior dogs because they have health problems, but they still need a home. There previous owner could have past away or they didn’t have money to take care of them. I wouldn’t want my Lucy to spend the rest of her life in a shelter! I think a senior dog would be great for a first time dog owner because they can still teach you responsibility and you’ll have a companion. They are offen low energy and in need lots of love!

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Thankful My Dogs Have A Better Relationship!

by Chelsey Zumpano

So my little dog Lucy did not get along with my Husky Hazel. She growled, barked, and showed her teeth. Hazel just jumped around her and wanted to play. It wasnt that big of deal when my Ginger was still alive because Lucy had her Mom to hang out with, so we just kept them seperated. We did try to introduce the three of them, but Ginger would growl at her and all that stuff. I don’t blame her because if I was a Chihuahua, (who was old and not feeling well), then I wouldn’t want a puppy to be bugging me either.

Then when Ginger past away; Lucy didn’t, (and still doesn’t), want to be alone! She cries and won’t stop scratching at the door, if we put her outside to run around, (we can’t even let her out to go potty. I’m not going to lie, but it was extreamly stressful, (especially because Lucy only wanted/wants to only be with me or my Mom), so it meant that it was harder to split my time between the two dogs.

So how did I get them to get along? By using calming signals! You might be wondering what that is? Calming signals are how dogs communicate with each other and us humans can use some of them too. Dogs will use calming signals to to calm dogs down and to let them know, “Hey, it’s okay.” Dogs will also use calming signals at us if they are being yelled at and want us to calm down. Some examples are licking their lips, yawning , sighing, and slow blinking. You can learn more about calming signals by reading the book, “On Talking Terms with Dogs,” linked at the bottom of this post.

The other thing that helped was to be relaxed and not panic when the dogs were together because they can sense that and sometimes feed off it. Now Lucy and Hazel can be in the same room together. Lucy will still get agitated by Hazel, but it’s getting better. I think the reason why it worked for my dogs is because Hazel just wants to play and wasn’t trying to fight Lucy. So please talk to a trainer if your dogs are full on fighting. It’s one of thoughs things that will take time and won’t work for all dogs, but I’m extreamly thankful it has helped my dogs.

Let me know what things have helped your dogs have a better relationship in the comments!


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Favorite Memories Of My VW Bug!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Image description: Chelsey standing infrunt of a yellow bug with a yellow tandem bicke nex to it.

(piture credit gose to my Mom).

We sadly decided to sale my bug, (my car we’ve had since my first day of high school), and you can watch that vlog down below! My Dad got me a car just like how he got my brother his car. He knew bugs were my favorite car, (because of Herbie), and even though I couldn’t drive it, didn’t mean I couldn’t have a car.

Now here are my favorite memories of my car!

• riding in it to school.

• The time my twin brother took me driving in my bug! It was so fun being able to drive my own car!

• That one time a bunch of kids were crowded around my bug after a fire drill at my high school and I was able to point out to my friend that, that was my bug!

• Being able to know that was my car because of the bright yellow.

• My Dad and I taking Hazel for a ride in it. She curled up on my lap, (like the little dog she thinks she is), and I wish I had a picture or video of that.

My brother’s favorite memories are when we use to drive it to school, my little sister’s favorite memories are when she got picked up in the bug from school, my dad’s are when he first got it for me and just driving around in it, and my mom’s is just driving me around in it and how happy it made me.

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The Glasses Tag!

by Chelsey Zumpano

1. How long have you been wearing glasses?

I started wearing glasses when I was six months old.

2. What were your first pair of glasses like?

They were metal frames and the arms rapt around my ears.

3. How often do you wear your glasses?

I wear them all the time, but especially when I’m drawing or going places.

4. How many pairs of glasses do you have? I have three pairs, (that I wear all the time), and lots of back ups.

5. Where did you get your glasses?

I got them on Amazon.

6. Far sighted or near sighted?

I guess I’m both because I can’t see very far and can’t see close up. I mean I can see close up, but details are hard for me to see, like I can read small print and I use my cane to help get around.

7. What prescription are your glasses?

Nun! That might shock you, but the only glasses that have prescription are my reading glasses and they only make drawing less blurrry. A prescription does not help me and so I only wear glasses to help protect my eyes and to help my eyes adjust from going in and out.

8. Do your family members wear glasses?

Yes, my Mom, dad, twin brother, Grandma, Grandpa, my uncles, aunts, and sister also wear glasses.

9. What do you think about wearing glasses? I like them. They protect my eyes and because they are apart of me. I also like how they look on me.

10. Do you wear contact lenses? No because they wouldn’t help me.

Do you wear glasses? Tell me in the comments below.

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Back To Writing and What I’m Doing For November!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Hey Everyone, it’s been way to long since I’ve wrote on my blog and that’s going to change! November is National Novel Writing Month, (nanowrimo), and like last year this blog is my project! I’m going to write every day for this blog in November, (rather then sticking to a certain word count).

I have some ideas for what I want to write, but please feel free to send me writing promps. To get an idea of what I write: stuff about my vision impairment, interviews about other bloggers, poetry, shorte stories, mental health, and just randum tags. You can either leave your prompts in the comments or send me an email to: viblindresources@gmail.com

Also if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my #31DaysOfHalleen and let me know your favorite costume. Please check out my latest Vlog…

How Accessible is Bark Box’s Website?

by Chelsey Zumpano

The other day I was just browsing Facebook and an add popped up for super Chewer Bark Box, so I checked out. They were having a sale because of #NationalDogDay and my first box would be 5 dollars. I jumped at the chance because this box would be perfect for Hazel.

I was able to claim my coupon, then I was able to choose Hazel’s sex, type her name, choose her breed, and her weight category. Next I was able to pick my subscription and i chose six months. I was able to check out with PayPal, which made checking out a lot easier because it just used all my PayPal info.

I even got to chat with a worker and he helped me personalize the box. I told him that Hazel loves to chew, play fetch and tug, but that I’d need some bright colored balls. I also told him about her separation anxiety and that I’m training her to hopefully be my service dog. The only thing about the chat that wasn’t accessible was that I couldn’t read what I typed until after I sent it.

I will let you know what Hazel thinks of her box when it gets here.

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World CP Day

by Chelsey Zumpano

(I found this interview in my drafts from last year and it must have gotten lost or something, but here it is now).

This post is in honor of world CP, (Cerebral Palsy), Day that was on October 6th, so I’m interviewing my friend and fellow Blogger and YouTuber Sam.

1 Do you have other disabilities besides CP?

Yes I have other medical conditions other than cerebral palsy. The one that stands out the most however is autism spectrum disorder and for me I fall under extremely high functioning but makes it so that I am very hyperactive. I have nystagmus ( repetitive uncontrollable eye movement) in my left eye which makes tracking very difficult. And it also means I have no depth perception in my eyes at all. Most people when they hear that I have no depth perception think that I am blind. This is not exactly true. My right eye compensates for what I cannot see, (corners, ledges, Etc). I also have kyphosis scoliosis which makes it so my back is curved not one way but both ways.

2 Do you consider yourself to have a visual impairment?impairment? Yes I do consider myself visually impaired because almost everywhere we go has something that makes it difficult for me to see what I’m doing or where I’m going. And a lot of times I have to rely on what things sound like just here in our home to know what they are. My parents joke and call me sonar because I can hear anything and everything inside the house. I am supposed to be wearing glasses. But they would only serve to enlarge things for reading or writing. They do not correct the depth perception problem which is my biggest and visual difficulty.

3 How Does CP effect your dayly life?

CP does affect my everyday life and it will indefinitely. This is something I will live with for the rest of my life. And here are some of the ways that it affects me personally. I am wheelchair-bound and have never been able to walk. However once a week I do attend and intensive course of physical therapy. The purpose of this is to better my balance and eventually make it so that my ability to accomplish simple everyday tasks such as pulling myself up to a sit or stand position is made easier so that I can transfer on my own someday. I need help with almost everything in my daily life. Anything from toileting to making a meal I need help with. My family does their absolute best to encourage me to be independent regardless of the fact I need help with just about everything in my life. On a regular basis my mom and I both take care of my animals and do the gardening together. Just doing that is usually enough to exhaust me even after 2 hours of being in my wheelchair. CP is very difficult because even just two hours sitting up is like somebody able-bodied doing a whole day’s workout. Despite the fact of the difficulty of this condition, I still do find time and space Within a day or week to do one to two outside the house activities. My favorites include Church, shopping, and actually believe it or not, physical therapy.

4 Do you use any assistive technology?

Yes I use several assistive devices to get through a day. The biggest of which is my power chair…. By the way just FYI for anybody out there never use the term Electric chair to describe a power chair. It is not only disrespectful it will put negative connotation in somebody’s head that does not understand what you’re talking about. If you want to use those words use the words electric wheelchair. Never just electric chair alone. Other than my power chair I actually do use my cell phone for a lot of my needs throughout the day. For example just to turn my light on and off we have a specific light bulb in my ceiling fan from the homebrite company. The light bulb connects to a mesh which connects 2 an application on my phone… This allows me to independently from my bed turn the light on and off when I need it. Also my everyday life has simple things in it for example our frigerator has the fridge side door is broke into two sections. It is one that has a smaller door with the Press of a button in the top and then you close that to open the Charger door which opens the entire refrigerator. Our freezer has an ice machine attached to it which also has a water machine attached to it and helps me get water when I need it. Instead of running to a sink faucet several hours a day. My television in my room is a smart television for many different reasons. It has the capability to actually tell me what I’m clicking on without having to see it. But as for other medical equipment I use a hospital bed at the moment. This is helpful with positioning myself when I don’t want to ask for help period that comes in handy especially late at night when everybody’s asleep. I have a laptop here at home that helps me right longer letter is when I cannot get my wrists to operate. The computer also has tell it type it features as well as the other Target features I have mentioned on my phone and television.

5 How do your dogs help you?

My dogs are my world. My oldest Lylah and youngest is a boxer named Dixie. Lylah is an ESA and Dixie is the family dog. They are 15 weeks apart. Both help me with my anxiety disorders. Without them I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day.

6 What advice do you have for others who want to start YouTube or a blog?

The advice I would give to anyone trying to start a social media such as a blog or a YouTube channel is to just be yourself. Be as honest. Don’t pressure yourself to put something out there every day. Well I’m not as active as I would like on these platforms as made for myself, that does not take away from the fact that they remain active. Many people still love to read or watch my content. And so many are inspired by it. And as anyone will see on my blog page my goal and all of this was to encourage and style and uplift anybody who read or watched any content I put out there.



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