I got my drawing mojo back!

by Chelsey Zumpano

I’m super excited that I got my drawing mojo back! I haven’t drawn much sense Hazel was a small pup! I just haven’t had the motivation or creativity to draw. I use to paint or draw a lot; I took art all through out high school, I even took AP Art. I loved art and still do. Art isn’t a coping mechanism, (not like reading or writing is), I tend to draw or paint something of the opposite of how I’m feeling.

I love coming up with seens to paint. Sometimes I feel like I have to plan out what I’m making before I do it and try to just do little doodles. SOMETIMES I get so frustrated trying to get the image out of my head on to paper and that’s when I have to stop and come back to it later. I’m the hardest on myself when it comes to my creations.

Recently I’ve started using sharpies to draw because my vision has changed. I can still probaely still use pencil, but I can draw with more detail with sharpies. I want to experiment with different art tools and mmediums, So please if you have any recommendations, please let me know down in the comments.

Now here are some of my doodles!

Image description: doodles of a butterfly, two dogs, bunny, and cat.Image description: two people kissing under a pink waterfall with a pink dog off to the right.

What Is Normal?

by Chelsey Zumpano

I hate the word normal! It implies you have to be a certain way or there’s something wrong with you! I use average because it’s a spectrum. If I’m going to say somethings “normal,” I’ll usually say it’s “my normal” because that thing or situation is my experience. Another reason I don’t say “normal” is because it generalizes a situation or group of people.

Much like lables “being normal” puts pressure on us. My advice to anyone who’s struggling right now is to be yourself and be kind to others, try to understand what others are going through. Being kind to others is hard for some people to do and that’s not okay! The same going for understanding what people are going through! My personal opinion is that as long as no one is hurting anyone, then just let them live their life and give them some respect.

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Happy Thanks Giving and What I’m Thankful For Part 3

by Chelsey Zumpano

I’m writing this while the delicious smell of turkey fills my house. Here’s another list of what I’m thankful for.

1 I’m surrounded by a loving family. My family is all healthy and happy.

2 My animals may drive us all crazy sometimes, but I love them anyway.

4 That I have a ruth over my head and food to eat.

5 I’m thankful for this Blog and YouTube and that I’m able to educate and help people with every new post.

6 I’m thankful for every new follower, like, subscriber, comment, and share.

7 I’m thankful for my vision and the fact that being legally blind means I get to help others in our community.

8 My cane helps me get around and for people to recognize me as blind.

9 My coping skills for my anxiety is something I’m extremely grateful for.

10 The fact I will be applying for a guide dog very soon.

Tell me what your thankful for in the comments.

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A Day Of Not Looking At My screen!

by Chelsey Zumpano

As a Blogger and YouTuber: I spend a lot of time looking at a screen, but this isn’t good for my eyes, (or anyones really). I read that your supposed to spend twenty minutes looking at your screen and twenty minutes looking away from it, but I did one better and didn’t look at my screen at all for two days! It really helped my eyes feel good. What I did was turn on VoiceOver and then I turned on the screen curtain. I read with my BrailleNote and listened to VoiceOver talk. It’s something I want to do all the time now.

I want to work staying off my Ipad all together and doing more things that don’t involve looking at a screen. Here is a list of hobbies to get myself off the screen.

1 walking the dogs

2 playing with the dogs

3 sewing

4 painting and drawing

5 reading on my BrailleNote

6 listening to an audio book

7 writing on my BrailleNote

9 dancing

10 learning guitar

11 doing craft projects

12 going on a bike ride

At least three of these are still on my Ipad, but the others involve me doing something else. If you have anymore ideas for me or want to share some of your own hobbies, tell me in the comments. If you would like to be interviewed or otherwise contribute to this blog or YouTube send an email to:


Twilight isn’t my favorite time of day!

by Chelsey Zumpano

The sky a mix of blue, purple, and Cotton candy pink.

(Picture credit goes to Chelsey Zumpano).

Twilight is one of my favorite book series, but it’s not my favorite time of day. It’s the safest time of day for our favorite sparkly vampires, but it’s the worsed time of day for my vision. It’s the time of day where the sky is a combination of purple and blue that makes the sky look like a bruise, when the last raies of the sun glint pink along the horizon. It’s then as Apollo drives his Sun Chariot one last time across the sky and his twin sister, (Artemis), prepares her Moon Chariot to replace her twin in the sky, that people start to look like silhouettes to me.

During twilight I can’t follow people, so I usually hold on to my mom’s shoulder or my sister’s arm, (just above her elbow). When we go into stores the lights are to bright at first and then my eyes adjust, but when we go outside my eyes take a long time to adjust to the dimness.

It would be better if it just skipped strate to night because my eyes try to focus on the blurry, indistinct people and objects. At night as Artemis begins her journey across the sky: there are no more deep shadows, no more straining my eyes, or hyperfocusing, (just the sky the darkest shade of blue and the street lights to light my way). The darkness is better because my eyes don’t have to constantly adjust to the changing light. The darkness is soft and not flitting from deeper and deeper purples and blues.

It hasn’t always been this way: when I was growing up twilight was just another time of day for me. After I had my eye surgery in seventh grade it changed. The first time it happend: it felt like a dream, like it wasn’t really happening to me, but at the same time the memory feels sharp and stuck in my brain. It was like everything went dim and fuzzy around the edges. It was tarifying, but my eye Doctor told me that this was my new normal and that reassured me. It was just something i’d have to adjust and get use to.

Over the years: I’ve gotten use to the new normal that twilight has become, but sometimes I still get hyper aware of it and that’s just my normal anxiety talking.

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Meet the Blind Month: My Eyes Hate This Weather!

by Chelsey Zumpano

I love fall the crunch of leaves under foot, the sweet taste of caramel apples, the heat of hot chocolate in my belly, going to the pumpkin patch, curling up under a blanket with my favorite book, and being able to wear hoodies again. But there is a huge down side to fall that most people wouldn’t think of and that’s the weather, ′more specifically how the weather effects my vision′.

I’ve mentioned in videos before how overcast days are really bad for me: the light is to bright and it reflects off every thing making it hard to see. Then when I go inside my eyes need to adjust, (just like when it’s sunny), so I still wear sun glasses. But right now a lot of my sun glasses seem to dark, even when it’s sunny out.

Another thing that can happen to me on overcast days is migraines and my migraines mean that everything is to bright and there are deeper shadows, (along with a head ake), I used to get them a lot back in high school and my eyes already had, (and still have), truble focusing before 9:00 o’clock and migraines don’t help. Part of the reason is I don’t sleep well, but mostly my eyes just don’t like the early morning.

The best thing for me to get rid of migraines is sleep and ibuprofen for the headache part. Some other things that have helpt me recently are turning the screen curtain on my Ipad and reading on my BrailleNote, turning on invert colors on my Ipad takes some of the brightness away, and not using my Ipad at all. I also sometimes feel like everything is to loud on those days, so I can’t edit videos. So limiting my use on my Ipad is best and to just read on my BrailleNote, but I don’t always do this.

I know when I’m on my Ipad all the time it makes my vision worse, which inturn makes my anxiety worse because I’m hyperaware of how my vision is. It doesn’t matter that this happens every year my anxiety doesn’t care! Maybe I choose not to remember this time of year or I block it out. Whatever the case my anxiety is just really bad around this time of year. It’s like when I’m feeling really overwhelmed with all the people talking my brain hyperfocuses on how dim/yellow the lighting is and then I’m working myself into a panic attack. Some things that help me are to get away from everyone for awhile: I usually go in my room, outside, or another room with less people.

I’ve decided to write a vision and anxiety journal to help myself cope better. I’ve found writing and talking my thoughts out helps me to feel less like my anxiety is controlling my life and it’s all thanks to this blog and YouTube. The journal will be for myself only becxs good to do something just for yourself and yourself alone.

Let me know down in the coments: if the weather effects your vision and what you do to help it? Also if you’d like to be interviewed on this blog or contribute to this YouTube Channel send an email to: