VIBlind Good List

Chelsey Zumpano: greetings everyone I have decided to write a VIBlind Version of “The Good List

because yes there are many good things about being visually impaired.

1. Braille- I can read in the dark

2. Being able to do my make up without having to look in the mirror therefore I can do my make up anywhere I want!

3. Not judging people for how they look, but for their personality and how they treat others!

4. Guide dog- someday I will be able to walk confidently with a guide dog by my side, it will be amazing to have a constant companion who keeps me safe!

5. Helping people- if I wasn’t visually impaired I would not have created this website and I wouldn’t be able to help people like I hope I am.

Now here’s my friend Amanda Gene’s good list!

Hi Everyone, Chelsey, asked me to join in with her “The Good List” project. Here are my top five good reasons of being visually impaired.

1. Educate- I believe strongly in educating the general public on being visually impaired and to help burst many of the misconceptions there are surrounding our disability.

2. Determination- I believe that having a disability really gives you a lot of motivation and determination to meet your goals despite what other people may think.

3. Being Supportive- I believe that because you have a disability this makes you more supportive to the people around you no matter if they have a disability or not.

4. Technology- Let’s face it, some of our technology is pretty cool to use.

5. Guide Dogs- I don’t have a guide dog, but I have friends who have one. I think its amazing to have an animal that helps you stay safe every day.


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The good list

By Chelsey Zumpano

(updated as of 3/14/19).

People make lists about lots of things, shopping lists, to do lists, what not to do lists, so how about the good list.

1. My family

2. YouTube and i’ve said many times before how YouTube is like Therapy for me and it’s help me to come out of my shell.

3. Writing

4. Cuddling with all my animals

5. Being able to pet my cat Audrey because she is very skittish and doesn’t like a lot of people She also sits with me on days when I’m feeling overwhelmed with people and it’s nice to take comfort in the fact that I have a cat who understands me.

6. Books and like I’ve said before books are one of my coping skills, but I also just happened to be a bookworm.

7. The smell after it rains, all fresh and new smelling, like a little nose rainbow.

8. Our new boat

9. Swimming

10. Dancing in my living room with my mom and sister

11. Spinning in circles

12. Chocolate

13. Tiny houses because it would be extremely amazing for me to have one someday

14. Little puppy breath

15. Little kitten meows

16. Making lasagna with my dad and you can find that video on our YouTube channel

17. Horseback riding

18. Ice cream

19. Drawing

20. “I’ll admit that I was staring. Suddenly my whole perspective had flipped inside out, like when you look at an inkblot picture and see just the black part. Then your brain inverts the image and you realize the white part makes an entirely different picture, even though nothing has changed. That was Alex Fierro, except in pink and green. A second ago, he had been very obviously a boy to me. Now she was very obviously a girl.”

— Magnus Chase, The hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

21 My new puppy Hazel!

22 Training Hazel.

23 Putting together my book about my cane.

24 Rereading The Magnus Chase series.

25 My skate baord!

26 The fact it’ll be spring soon and I’ll be able to put up my fairy garden!

27 Teaching my brother’s girlfriend braille.

28 Playing fetch with Hazel.

29 I have 110 subscribers on YouTube!

30 I have 501 followers on the blog!

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