Feeling Accomplish!

by Chelsey Zumpano

I DID IT! I wrote a blog for every day in November! It’s a great feeling to set out to do something and actually accomplish it! I’m so proud of myself and I think it really helped me with writing. Now if you give me a writing prompt, I’ll be able to write a blog about it. I’m hoping this will help me write stories.

Now for the month of December: I’m going to do a quote and draw/paint/take a picture of something to go along with it. I’m also going to do some baking videos. You can find today’s picture on my instagram @VIBlindResources and if you like what you see there give me a follow. Thank you to everyone who has followed me this month and the months before! I’ll be going back to once a week Blogs and Vlogs/videos will be twice a week. (They’ll be some random posts throne in there).

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What I’m thankful For Part 2

by Chelsey Zumpano

Today I’m thankful for nice people and my cat.

Yesterday I hung out with my brother’s girlfriend and she painted my nails and we made dinner. My nails look awesome!

Chelsey's nails painted two shades of pink, (a sparkly pink and a bright pink), and with pawprints on her thumbs

When we went to the store to get food: I didn’t hold on to her at all because I’m trying to be more independent, but she did tell me that I could hold on to her if I needed to. She’s very good at helping me. We made turkey meatloaf and she taught me how to make mash potatoes, (which is awesome because mash potatoes are my favorite food).

Meatloaf, mash potatoes, and a roll on a red plate.

My cat Audrey has been sleeping in my room the past two nights and its nice to have her lay with me. Last night she was attacking my feet and hands, (it’s not something she usually does), because she doesn’t like being around people. She will let me pet her sometimes, but she’ll run away when she doesn’t want to be touched. She slept by me all last night. I tried to take a picture of her, but she moved. I did get a cute piture of her in the morning though.

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Blind girl makes lasagna for the first time!

By Chelsey Zumpano

This is the recipe for the lasagna me and my dad made.


1. Lasagna noodles

2. Sauce

3. Ground beef

4. Italian sausage

4. Spinach

5. Ricotta cheese

6. Grated Mozzarella cheese

7. Grated Cheddar cheese

Directions: preheat oven to 450, heat up spinach in the microwave for 30 seconds, and cook lasagna for 9:00 minutes in a 9×12 pan. Watch the video below to see step by step directions.