Content Creator Resources

The following content creators all have one thing in common they are all VIBlind and show their personal experiences and differences. If you would like to be added to this list send an email with your content name, description, and link.


Alex Man: I talk about VI experiences and tech review on my blog and YouTube Channel. I also have a Facebook group where we discuss accessible smart home products.



Facebook group:

Amanda Gene: My blog covers disability, day in the life, etc. My YouTube channel covers topics such as guide dogs and other things that are covered in my blog.



Bold Blind Beauty: Bold Blind Beauty is an online CommUNITY which connects sighted & non-sighted worlds while empowering blind women to transcend barriers & walk boldly with confidence. Visitors are guided by the stylish fashion icon and white-cane-wielding, Abigale, an on the move fashionista.

Committed to the idea that real beauty transcends barriers, Bold Blind Beauty builds camaraderie while changing the way we perceive blindness. Abigale, aka Abby, helps shift misconceptions with her witty commentary and “Shop Now” (Shopping With Abby) online boutique.


Faye Simokaitis: I make song covers, concert videos, pet videos, and other random videos.


JC5 Productions:

I’m a legally blind filmmaker who likes telling stories through short films and personal videos. I talk a bit about my vision and disability as well. 

I want to show that anyone can tell their own stories no matter what their limitations are. 


Jennifer Okell :

My Channel has a few videos on it. Including one where I talk about my family history.


Life of a Blind Girl:

My name is Holly, I am a 22-year-old disability and lifestyle blogger

and YouTuber. I am a lover of pop music, beauty, fashion, and all the

usual girly stuff. You can usually find me at a concert (I probably go

to way too many), spending too much time on the internet or reading a

good book.

I am blind due to a condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP),

I can only see light and dark so have no useful vision. As cliche as

it sounds, my visual impairment has made me into the person I am today

and given me so many opportunities which inspired me to start my blog.

I created Life of a Blind Girl in 2015 as a way of sharing my

experiences of living with a visual impairment in a predominantly

sighted world, over the last few years it has evolved and has become

so much more than that, it is not just my hobby anymore, it is a huge

part of my life.

I want my blog and YouTube channel to be a platform that provides

people with advice and support on all things visual impairment and

disability. I also aim to tackle the stigma surrounding disability; I

will try my best to educate people on visual impairment and

disability. By doing this, I hope it portrays the fact that just

because a person is blind, visually impaired or has another

disability, it does not mean that they cannot get to where they want

to be in life, it does not mean that they have to be treated any

differently to anyone else and it does not mean that they cannot carry

out everyday tasks and activities because truth is, they can. I hope

that my blog will inspire, educate and motivate you..

You can find blog posts on all things visual impairment and

disability, assistive technology, university and a few lifestyle

posts/videos thrown in the mix, these may include concert posts,

travel posts, life hacks, giving you an insight into what I’ve been up

to and maybe even the odd vlog or two.


YouTube channel:

Luke Sam Sowden:

a Male lifestyle and beauty blogger who rambles about what he can’t see all over the Internet. From beauty and fashion to books and technology, he covers it all.


My Blurred World: I created my blog back in April 2015 with an aim of sharing my passion for writing, beauty and fashion with the world, highlighting how I make such topics accessible to me as a visually impaired person. My content is very much lifestyle and disability related at the moment, I love writing about my experiences as a disabled people in the hope that it will help, educate and motivate others. One of my main aims has always been to raise awareness of vision impairment in the hope of tackling the stigmas that surround it, I hope that my blog helps to do just that. 


Suddenly Sightless:

We are Called “Suddenly Sightless” we host a podcast diving into the daily life of being mid 20s women with visual impairment. We have lots of make-up & life style tips. We review products/places for accessibility and ease of use. As well as this we touch on mental health but also supply lots of giggles along the way. Our Twitter is @suddenlysightl1. Available on iTunes and sound cloud!

Sound cloud: