I made it to 100 blog posts! // A product review!

By  Chelsey Zumpano

Yesterday I made it to 100 blog post! I’m so excited and super proud that I made it this far!

Today I want to talk about this really cool product I have: it’s a candle melter! It’s not like the melter that you put the candle wax in and it melts it down. It’s like a hot plate and you just put your candle on top of it and it heated up. I love it because I don’t like having candles because I have cats and I don’t want them to knock it over. This way it’s a lot safer and I don’t have to worry about fires. All I have to do is just turn the little switch on on the cord and listen to the click and then it’s on and the same for when you turn off it just makes a click.

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Some of my favorite movies!

By Chelsey Zumpano

(I’m really tired and don’t have the energy to go to edit this right now because my orbit reader 20 is still not working and I have a headache. I will edit this in the morning).

I like movies, but I don’t compare to books. I figured I just do a list of my favorite movies anyway. It’s odd because my taste in books is way different my taste in movies! Like I watch all of the Nicholas Sparks movie book adaptations, but I don’t really like reading the actual books. I have nothing against Nicholas sparks writing, but Romance books just don’t hold my interest as much as the movies do.

  • I can’t think of the movie’s name right now, but it’s about this boy who is in love with this girl from high school and the movie starts out with them at graduation. She lost her brother from cancer during high school and wasn’t really like living that much. I remember that her name was Jane Butterfield. The dad didn’t really approve of the two dating. They fall in love over the summer and it’s really beautiful. There’s obviously more to the plot, but I don’t wanna spoil it too much.
  • Snow dogs
  • Eight below
  • All the marvel movies
  • A dogs way home
  • A dog’s purpose
  • Fantastic beasts
  • The new beauty and the beast
  • All the Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations
  • 5 feet apart
  • Beautiful creatures
  • The little mermaid
  • Alex Strangelove
  • Aqua marine
  • The breakfast club

How Accessible is Tick Tok?

by Chelsey Zumpano

Tick Tok is another video sharing platform, (kind of like YouTube), but you can only do 60 second videos. It started out as an app called Musically, (which was just people lip singing to music), now people do little story times. I like watching people’s animal videos.

Now is it accessible? Yes, I’m able to post videos, like videos, comment, (but dictation doesn’t work well), and follow people. I’m even able to add video discriptions and tags. I will let you know if anything changes and when I use it more.

Is Disney Plus Accessible?

by Chelsey Zumpano

Disney Plus is like Netflix, but just for Disney shows and movies! I’ve been watching all my favorites, “Snow Dogs,” “Lady and the Tramp,” and “101 Dalmatians.” The really cool thing is that they have audio discription! Sadly it’s not on all the movies, (like Snow Dogs didn’t have it). But it was easy to find on my fire stick; I just paused the movie, moved to the right until it said, “subtitles and audio,” then I just clicked on audio discription.

I was able to navigate with voiceover on my Iphone and Voice View on my Fire Stick. The only part it didn’t read to me with Voice View was the menu where it said, “Pixar, Disney, Marvel, and a few others.” I can do a more indept review on my YouTube channel, if any one is interested?

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I Took An Intro To Dog Training Class! Was It Accessible? #DogTraining&Blind

by Chelsey Zumpano

I started taking a intro to dog training class on New Skills Academy. It’s a website to take courses and you get certificates. I saw an add on Facebook talking about the intro to dog training course and it was only $25! So I took my chance because all those other dog training courses are thousands of dollars. (you are not required to be certified). Taking a course for me makes me feel more productive than just reading a book because you can interpret books anyway and I like the idea of taking tests and quizzes because it shows me what I’ve learned.

The website is accessible, (for the most part), I was able to read all the articles for my classes and take notes. The one thing I had trouble with was finding the text box to take notes and the fact that sometimes it randomly go to the notes and start reading them to me. I was able to answer the quizzes and the test at the end. I wasn’t however able to fill out the worksheets because they were not accessible at all! (Thankfully the worksheets were not required).

Taking the class makes me realize I knew lots more about dog training than I thought. It makes me feel more confident in my dog training ability and has taught me some new things. I got a certificate for completing the course I’m going to frame it and put it on my wall! 

(Also I’m sorry if this post sounds a bit weird because I had to use the Tatian to write it, since my orbit reader 20 didn’t charge!).

If you also want to take a course here’s a link to the website:


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My Favorite Author!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Rick Riordan is my all time favorite author! You might know this by now because of all the times I’ve talked about the Magnus Chase series. His books are for all ages and his characters are a diverse bunch! The thing I love most about his first series is that most of the characters have learning disabilities.

The characters live in the modern world, but where the Greek Gods exist and have children with mortals. Percy (the main character), is one of those kids! He (like most of his fellow Demigods), has A.D.H.D. and dyslexia. The cool thing is that the A.D.H.d. helps him to have faster reflexes in battle and the dyslexia is because his brain is hardwired to read ancient greek. Neither of the learning disabilities gose away and remain apart of the story!

The thing I love is the fact that “The Percy Jackson series,” started out as a bed time story for his son who has A.DH.D. and dyslexia. I think it’s an amazing thing that these books I love so much started out as just a story to give his son a hero just like him. This is why I aspire to be like him and to write characters to touch people’s heart, (like his have mine).

All his books are on Audible-


The books are also on BaRD:


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How Accessible is Bark Box’s Website?

by Chelsey Zumpano

The other day I was just browsing Facebook and an add popped up for super Chewer Bark Box, so I checked out. They were having a sale because of #NationalDogDay and my first box would be 5 dollars. I jumped at the chance because this box would be perfect for Hazel.

I was able to claim my coupon, then I was able to choose Hazel’s sex, type her name, choose her breed, and her weight category. Next I was able to pick my subscription and i chose six months. I was able to check out with PayPal, which made checking out a lot easier because it just used all my PayPal info.

I even got to chat with a worker and he helped me personalize the box. I told him that Hazel loves to chew, play fetch and tug, but that I’d need some bright colored balls. I also told him about her separation anxiety and that I’m training her to hopefully be my service dog. The only thing about the chat that wasn’t accessible was that I couldn’t read what I typed until after I sent it.

I will let you know what Hazel thinks of her box when it gets here.

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My Favorite LGBTQ Books

by Chelsey Zumpano

Since pride month is going to be over tomorrow; I figured I’d give you some of my favorite LGBTQ books.

1 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

I had to put this one first on the list because although it’s not an LGBTQ centered book; it does have Alex Fierro. She/he is my all time favorite character ever! She’s gender fluid and transgender; she mostly uses she/her pronouns, (until stated otherwise). When Alex first meets Magnus and the others; she just comes out and it’s not a big deal.

“I’ll admit that I was staring. Suddenly my whole perspective had flipped inside out, like when you look at an inkblot picture and see just the black part. Then your brain inverts the image and you realize the white part makes an entirely different picture, even though nothing has changed. That was Alex Fierro, except in pink and green. A second ago, he had been very obviously a boy to me. Now she was very obviously a girl.”

— Magnus Chase, The hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

The thing I love about Alex is that even though she’s a shape shifter his gender doesn’t change like that. Alex’s gender identity isn’t the only part of her character, she likes hiking, books, and he’s the love intrest for Magnus. The thing I love about Magnus’ crush on Alex is the fact he likes her when she’s a girl and when he’s a boy. Magnus never says what his sexuality is and he simply likes Alex. It isn’t until Alex kisses him at the end that he thinks, “Alex is a boy right now and I’m okay with that…,” or something along those lines.

This is one of those book series I can find myself living in and coming back to again and again.

2 Carry On

It’s one of those books where boy likes boy who thinks he’s ploting to kill him. Yeah, enemies to lovers aren’t my favorite type of story to read because the realationship isn’t the healthiest out there. But Baz and Simon’s relationship isn’t that bad. A lot of people say “Carry On” is the gay Harry Potter because it’s got magic and war and a big prophecy. I like the magic system and will probley make a blog or video more about it. For right now the thing I really love about this book is that even though Baz is supposed to hate his roommate and his family has tried to have him kill Simon; he still has a crush on him from when they first meet at 11. Even though Simon believes that Baz is out to get him he still helps him find his mother’s killer. At the beginning of the book Baz gets kidnaped and the only thing that helps him through it was thinking of Simon; like that’s how far gone in love with this boy he is. Simon’s love for Baz comes into prospective slower. But the one thing I love about this book is that at the end Simon’s therapist says that it’s okay if he doesn’t figure out his sexuality and that he doesn’t have to.

“I let myself slip away… Just to stay sane. Just to get through it. And when I felt myself slipping too far, I held on to the one thing I’m always sure of – Blue eyes. Bronze curls. The fact that Simon Snow is the most powerful magician alive. That nothing can hurt him, not even me. That Simon Snow is alive. And I’m hopelessly in love with him.” 
 Rainbow Rowell, Carry On

3 Annie On My Mind

I love the fact that the two girls are best friends who slowly fall in love. It does talk about coming out and others reactions to their relationship, but it’s mainly about them falling in love. I just find this book beautiful and messy.

“There’s a Greek legend—no, it’s in something Plato wrote—about how true lovers are really two halves of the same person. It says that people wander around searching for their other half, and when they find him or her, they are finally whole and perfect. The thing that gets me is that the story says that originally all people were really pairs of people, joined back to back, and that some of the pairs were man and man, some woman and woman, and others man and woman. What happened was that all of these double people went to war with the gods, and the gods, to punish them, split them all in two. That’s why some lovers are heterosexual and some are homosexual, female and female, or male and male.” 
 Nancy Garden, Annie on My Mind

4 Symptoms of Being Human

This is about a teen who is gender fluid, (I’m not sure of what pronouns Riley uses, for now I’m going to use they/them), and they are dealing with trying to except themself. I do want to add a trigger wornning for sexual assault. It’s probably one of the first books I read where a character has anxiety and Riley just is very relatible, (even though I’m comfortable in the body I was born with), they just speak to me as a character.

“As for wondering if it’s okay to be who you are–that’s not a symptom of mental illness. That’s a symptom of being a person.” 
 Jeff Garvin, Symptoms of Being Human

5 The Trials of Apollo

I love Apollo because he really grows as a character. I have major feelings about this book series and specifically “The Burning Maze”, it just mest me up! (I’ll probably do a whole video on all the books at once. Apollo is Bisexual and makes no secret about it. Then there’s his son Will and his boyfriend Nico, (they are so adorible and it’s great to see Nico happy). Then there’s Emmy and Joe, (probably spelt their name’s wrong), but they are Lesbians and they have a kid together.

“Nothing is more tragic than loving someone to the depths of your soul and knowing they cannot and will not ever love you back.” 
 Rick Riordan, The Hidden Oracle

Here are some videos of mine about some LGBTQ characters.

1 Percy Jackson and the Olympians/heroes of Olympus review


3 https://youtu.be/JZI2ql1PBWY

4 Book review of the ship of the dead By Rick Riordan

5 Love Simon versus Simon versus the Homo sapiens agenda

6 Book review of I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

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Raw Pet App Review

by Chelsey Zumpano

So I was looking to see how accessible, “Raw Pet” was for a friend and dicided that I’d talk about it here. Raw feeding your dogs seems to be really popular at the moment and people say how good it is for your dogs. If I was going to do it I’d cook the food because my dogs lick my face and I don’t want to get sick.

I was able to put in my dog’s age, wheight and how many times a day I feed her. The thing I don’t like about the app is that it doesn’t have exact wheight and I can’t flick through the options. The buttons on the bottom of the screen are not labeled. The other thing is I don’t like the lay out of the app. It does however have a section with more information about raw feeding.

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Review Of Postmates!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Food delivery apps are all the rage right now. They are especially great for us who can’t drive! It gives me more independence and the ability to order food when I’m by myself!

The app I used is called “Postmates,” and I used it for the first time by myself today! I used VoiceOver on my Iphone to make the order and I was able to click and read all the opptions. I ordered me a sandwich from Subway and everything was correct. The only problem that I’ve found is the app won’t let you do anything if you didn’t leave a tip and the opption won’t go away unless you click on a tip.

It’s great feeling to be able to do something by yourself that you would otherwise need someone to do for you.

I’m sorry it’s been way to long sense I’ve updated the blog, Hazel has kept me busy. I also want to let you know about a new series here and on my YouTube channel. The series is about stopping stereotypes for us who are blind, so send me some in the comments and I’ll do a video or blog about it.

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