I made it to 100 blog posts! // A product review!

By  Chelsey Zumpano

Yesterday I made it to 100 blog post! I’m so excited and super proud that I made it this far!

Today I want to talk about this really cool product I have: it’s a candle melter! It’s not like the melter that you put the candle wax in and it melts it down. It’s like a hot plate and you just put your candle on top of it and it heated up. I love it because I don’t like having candles because I have cats and I don’t want them to knock it over. This way it’s a lot safer and I don’t have to worry about fires. All I have to do is just turn the little switch on on the cord and listen to the click and then it’s on and the same for when you turn off it just makes a click.

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see next for Nanowrimo, please let me know in the comments or send me an email to: viblindresources@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “I made it to 100 blog posts! // A product review!

    1. Yeah so it basically just looks like a tiny little hot plate and you just set your candle on it and it plugs into the wall, then it heats your candle up. There’s no flame involved. I will send you a picture of it over messenger. I forgot to add a picture to this post. LOL thank you so much for reading! XX Chelsey

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