My Favorite Author!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Rick Riordan is my all time favorite author! You might know this by now because of all the times I’ve talked about the Magnus Chase series. His books are for all ages and his characters are a diverse bunch! The thing I love most about his first series is that most of the characters have learning disabilities.

The characters live in the modern world, but where the Greek Gods exist and have children with mortals. Percy (the main character), is one of those kids! He (like most of his fellow Demigods), has A.D.H.D. and dyslexia. The cool thing is that the A.D.H.d. helps him to have faster reflexes in battle and the dyslexia is because his brain is hardwired to read ancient greek. Neither of the learning disabilities gose away and remain apart of the story!

The thing I love is the fact that “The Percy Jackson series,” started out as a bed time story for his son who has A.DH.D. and dyslexia. I think it’s an amazing thing that these books I love so much started out as just a story to give his son a hero just like him. This is why I aspire to be like him and to write characters to touch people’s heart, (like his have mine).

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