Expanding On Calming Signals!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Someone on Facebook asked me to explain more clearly how I use calming signals with my dogs and now I’m going to explain it to all of you!

First I started with Hazel by herself and the calming signal I used is yoning. It’s the easiest one to do for us humans.

So here’s what I did; when Hazel started to act anxious, I’d just yon at her and then she’d relax. I kept doing that all day and it worked! Hazel learned very fast! Calming signals are something puppies learn from their well socialized Mom and continue to learn from other well dogs.socialized That’s why socializing your dog is importain because they have to learn how to communicate with all different types of dogs. That’s why I worked with Hazel first and then Lucy. Also remember dogs can also use calming signals to calm their own self down and you can even use it to let your dog know you heard a noise, (like thunder), and that they are okay.

I wished I knew all this stuff when Ginger was a puppy, but the internet wasn’t as accessible to me as it is now and I was in fith grade. I didn’t really get into dog training books untel afew years ago. It would have been extreamly helpful! Lucy is learning slowly because she and Ginger wern’t as well socialized as they should have been. When I do the calming signals to Lucy and she’s barking or growl at Hazel; she’ll stop and do a soffter noise, then she’ll calm down.

I also use slow blinking, looking away and for this I move my head from side to side, licking my lips, and sighing, (which I realized Hazel does a lot). I will also include the link to the book, “On Talking Termswith Dogs,” and I will also have a link to my YouTube video on the first week of calming signals. (The video is not up as of 11/8/19 and one 50 PM. It’ll be up soon).

Let me know what things have helped your dogs have a better relationship in the comments!


If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see next for Nanowrimo, please let me know in the comments or send me an email to: viblindresources@gmail.com

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