Some of My Dreams!

by Chelsey Zumpano

I’d love if I could accomplish atleast one of these dreams!

1 To have a big house in the country with a rap around porch. The house would be three stories and have lots of windows to let lots of natural light in. It will have enough rooms for my Mom and I to have a craft room, my sister to have a make up studio, and me a filming studio. A garage, shop, and dirt bike track for my Dad and brother. We’d have enough space for like 10 dogs and 20 cats: along with goats, horses, cows and chickens. We’d also have enough room for a garden and a second little house for family to stay.

2 To be a guide dog trainer! It’d be amazing to work with dogs every day and to know that the dogs would be helping others like me. I’d live in a small house with a big yard, so Hazel could run. Katniss and Audrey would live with me to and they’d have cat trees and high up places to hang out. Hazel would be a play mate to dogs on their off time and a good exaple on their work time. Hazel and I’d take a car pull van with all of our other coworkers to work. I’d get to help dogs and people every day.

3 A published author! I’d have multiple best saling books. I’d have interviews on all the coolist talk shows. I’d get to give people characters head’s to fall into when they don’t want to be in their own. I’d give people characters to look up to like all my favorite authors have given me.

4 Dog rescuer! I’d be surrounded by animals every day and get to take care of them. I’d take all the dogs out early in the morning to go run and go potty. Then I’d feed the cats and bottle feed any kits or pups that need it. Then I’d give any animals who need meds and make sure any wounded or special needs are payed attention to. Next I’d take the dogs for a walk and then do some training. Then I’d cuddle with any cats who wanted to cuddle; while the dogs napt. Then play and train the dogs again. It’d be an awesome life.

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see next for Nanowrimo, please let me know in the comments or send me an email to:

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