Nominated For the Blogger Recognition Award!

by Chelsey Zumpano

Image description: part of a blue flower surrounded by pink and also in pink reads, ”blogger recognition award!”

I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by my friend Amanda Gene, (, and you should definitely check out her blog and YouTube! She writes about her vision impairment and mental health. I met her through blogging and we are now good friends, so you know blogging can bring you lots of great things.

I’ve always loved to write; either short stories or fanfiction. My blog was created to help others in my community, but now Its evolved into one of my various coping mechanisms for my anxiety. So I get to help others by sharing my stories about my vision impairment and anxiety, while helping myself.

my advice for new bloggers!

1 Write because you like it and or because it’s helping you feel better. Putting yourself out there on the internet can make you feel vulnerable; that’s why you should have a goal to accomplish. Mine is to help people.

2 Be yourself and write things you’d want to read!

I tagged the following bloggers!

1 Glin

2 Bold Blind Beauty

3 Life of a Blind Girl:

4 Luke Sam Sowden:

5 My Blurred World:

6 Sam

7 Girl Gone Blind

8 unseen beauty

9 my life my story

10 The invisible vision project


1 talk about the person who tagged you.

2 Give a little bit of some information about your blog and why you started it.

3 give two pieces of advice to incoming bloggers.

4 tag 10 bloggers.

if you would like to contribute to this blog or YouTube, please send me an email:

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