Holiday Traditions

by Chelsey Zumpano

In my family we don’t have many holiday traditions, but what we do have is pretty great. For Halloween we don’t do much, except dress up and hand out candy, but the last few years we go watch a zombie flash mob. For Thanks Giving we just have family over and eat lots of food, but when we were younger, (at our old house), we took out the go cart and dirt bike. Which was my favorite thing to do because I could drive it myself! We drove in a field across from our house. It was awesome and I miss it! If they hadn’t built houses there we might still have my go cart.

On Christmas Eve we spend it with my Aunt and cousins on my dad’s side. For Christmas we do a secret Santa, (excet no one is good at keeping a secret), and it’s just between the adults. It’s cool trying to figure out who everyone has. For Easter we use to take the quad out, but we sold it because that was the only time we used it and got the boat instead. So I don’t know what we are doing this year. Maybe someone will make my bug into a baja bug, (hint, hint), and we can take it out next year.

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