It’s All About The Little Things

by Chelsey Zumpano

These days kids, teens, and adults, (myself included), care what random people on the internet think. When you have a Blog and YouTube channel, you want people to follow, like and subscribe to you, so you can get the word out about your posts. You get discouraged when others have more followers then you. A thing we should all remember is that it’s not a competition and to be thankful for the followers we do have!

Have you ever thought of it this way: we have all these different platforms and followers on each! Each follower is a person that likes your content. They may not always comment on your posts, but they are there in the background cheering you on!

I didn’t create this Blog or YouTube to be come popular on the internet or be liked, but what I did want to do is help people and show that they are never alone! Everyone wants to be noticed, to feel valid, to feel like people care, and that’s okay! I feel that way to! But the thing is you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to get a bunch of likes or followers. My advice is to just keep doing what your doing and to not worry about how many followers you have. Remember the people who truly know you are your biggest fans!

And speaking of biggest fans: I asked my little cousin who his favorite superhero was and he said me. It was super adorable and the highlight of my day!

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