Chelsey’s Tips on Interacting with Us VIBlind

by Chelsey Zumpano

Again these are tips that I’ve thought of and helped me.

1 After knocking at the door, you say who you are, “Not it’s me.” You say your actual name.

2 When saying hi to me say, “hi, it’s Cat.” Especially if I don’t know you very well or it’s been awhile sense I’ve seen you.

3 Don’t apologize for my visual impairment! Its just not something you need to be sorry for. Instead you can ask me if I read braille or if I want a guide dog, or ask if I need help with something?

4 Never say, “You don’t look blind.” That is very rude! We do not have to look a certain way to be blind!

5 If you see me sitting by myself in a school cafeteria, (or somewhere like that), don’t be afrade to talk to me and sit with me.

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