A Twilight Adventure

by Chelsey Zumpano

If you clicked on this thinking it was a fanfiction: well I’m sorry to disappoint. LOL I’ve never wrote a twilight fanfiction, yet, but anyway on to today’s post.

Last night at twilight me and Mom went on a walk to practice my first rout. We hadn’t intended to walk that late, but it was a great experience! We walked to the park with me leading the way, Mom would remind me how many streets to cross. I only held on to her shoulder once on the way back because I wasn’t sure if I could walk a strate line with out being able to see the crosswalk, but I realized I could see the lines with the help of the street lights.

I’ve never done mobility at night before and it really helped me put my skills to the test. I did pretty well, but I don’t walk a very straight line and I hesitate when I think there’s going to be a corner. I’m good at street crossing, but I could be better because I do hesitate. I rely a lot on my vision, (which isn’t a bad thing), just something I noticed.

Mom and I decided that I’m not aloud to hold on to her unless there’s a crowd or we are going into a store and my eyes need to adjust. This way I become more independent.

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