5 Things I’m Thankful For

by Chelsey Zumpano

I know it’s my 5th day in, but here are afew things I’m thankful for.

1 my BrailleNote Orbit Reader 20 because with out this writing blog posts would be hard. I’m able to read and write on my Ipad and Iphone via bluetooth with out straining my eyes. I can get better at spelling and grammar. I can edit my posts better and actually do spell check.

2 My Amazon Echo is great to ask how to spell words or to define them. Also listen to all my music on her and I’ve created some writing playlists.

3 With my Ipad and Iphone I read and write using VoiceOver. I can film and edit videos.


My braille writer is awesome because I make labels, transcribe my book, and right out story ideas. I also can teach people how to write braille.

5 With my cane I’m more confident and I can walk faster. She helps me to be indeppendent and to help people notice me.

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