Chelsey’s Tips on How To Help a Blind Person

by Chelsey Zumpano

For the month of November: I’m going to post a blog post every day because it’s National Novel Writing Month, So I’m going to make this blog my project. Instead of doing a word count I’m going to post every day.

These are my personal tips for people who want to help me.

1 Ask me if I need help.

2 Don’t grab me: if you want to guide me have me hold your arm, (just above your elbow), or hold your shoulder if your shorter than me. I can also follow you, but you have to give me verbal directions, “Turn left, go strate, turn right to go around a cart.”

3 don’t point at things or say, “It’s over there.” Instead you can give me verbal directions such as, “Go out the door, turn lef, and Rue 21 is three stores down on your right.”

4 When at a restaurant: please tell me where your puting my drink and food, then tell me where my food is on my plate by using clock directions. “Your chicken is at one o’clock, your mash potatoes are at six, your green beans are at nine o’clock.” (I don’t always need you to tell me where my food is, so ask me first).

5 if you see me coming up to a door and you want to hold it open for me say, “I’ve got the door for you.”

The main thing to is to ask if I needed help and then I can explain how to help me.

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