A Review On The Braille Note APex

By William.

(Originally posted on Facebook on 3-22-2017)

I first saw the Braille Note Apex at a tec expo in Dublin Ireland. I was blown away by the power the device gave me in a ten minute session of using it. Keysoft blew my mind. The thumb keys made reading the Braille display so easy and convenient! It was so skinny and lite to hold. The Braille keyboard felt amazing to type with and I was hooked straight away. I began exploring the device and found that there was built in wifi. Three usb ports meant that I could explore hard drives, copy my music from my MP3 player to enjoy right there. I kept feeling the display in amazement. I even turned off the speech and was delighted to be able to navigate the interface of the device in silence. It seriously amazed me as to how a device could be so much faster than a Laptop to boot up and all those features right at my finger tips. Next I went and browsed a few web sites. Again it was amazing. so fluent and fast to navigate web pages. I so want one and will do anything to get my hands on one!

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